10 Mart 2012 Cumartesi

Absorb Export Products

Over 220 countries and 20 thousand on the goods exported to Turkey, which, demand for products from all over the world is very interesting.

Despite the global economic crisis in Turkey in 2011 completed the year with record export figure, pouring down the demand for many different products, expanding our product range. Donkey hides, wormy apples, pork skins, melon-watermelon peel, coffins, cherry stalk, chicken legs, dried mullet eggs are also so many interesting people who want to import products.

Exports in 2011 reached 135 billion dollars which is the foundation of the economy, from north to south, from east to west over 220 countries, falling demand for Turkish products.

Approximately 53 thousand 20 thousand kinds of products and exporter company in Turkey with the world trade scene, industry, textiles, garments, except for basic products such as iron and steel and agricultural products, until the unthinkable meets the demands of an interesting product.

According to exporters' union newsletters, Europe and the U.S. market than the demand for Turkish goods, quantity, and as a pen, while the Middle East and Arab countries are watching them. Turkish exporters, Belize, Virgin Islands, Ceuta and Mellilla, Lesotto, Mayotta, Canvas, Cap Verde, Cayman Islands, even as exports to countries with even harder to place on the map.

Donkey skin - Cherry stem

Countries import companies, donkey skin, pig's clothing, cherry stem snail, chicken leg coffee roasting machine, animal tallow, frozen shrimp, women's hair, bird feathers and dried gray mullet eggs you want as many interesting properties. Qur'an, published in Turkey's intense interest in the European countries.

Traditional Turkish dishes, is considered the national drink of raki and boza, Turkish wine, Turkish delight, rotary knife, fenugreek, carpet, pumice stone, animal tallow, waste oil, diamond, prayer rugs are among the highly demanded products.

Chicken legs - Wormy apples

These exporters in Turkey These are good opportunity for but do not consume. Frog and chicken leg and a wormy apple products such as organic exporters preferred on the grounds that said left serious profits. Such products are not consumed in Turkey, find buyers, especially in Europe and the Far East.

Frogs and frog legs in various European countries, mainly in France, Lebanon and the Far East is a serious demand. Strong demand in China is consumed in this country for chicken leg.

Cosmetics Industry Demands An Interesting Goods

For use in the cosmetic industry, especially melons, citrus peel, apricots and apricot seeds, carob, licorice root is among the highest demand from abroad. Profits on exports has left serious investors said the snail. Snails consumed in Turkey is mostly export to Europe and the Far East.

Countries and Demands

- USA: Licorice root, crayfish (freshwater lobster), incubator, wormy apples, belly dancer outfit, pottery.

- Germany: Oak acorn, acorn nail, carob, wormy apples, melon and watermelon shells, snails, crayfish, shawl, black seed.

- Australia: Donkey leather.

- United Arab Emirates: The frozen chicken meat, used shoes, second hand fridge.

- Bulgaria: Waste oil.

- China: Chicken leg.

- France: Pumice stone, casket, mannequins for clothing stores, glass bottles for perfumes, frog legs, melon, watermelon and citrus peel, liquorice, snail, the nature of the plants, the traditional Turkish cuisine, books, antiques, raw material for chewing gum, bone, fat, cherry seeds.

- Finland: Blowing glass.

- South Korea: Frozen figs, organic cotton, dried mullet roe, chicken legs, fish food, cat gut.

- India: Travertine, limestone, natural stones, pistachios, sesame oil, candy, water pipe, sheep's wool.

- Hong Kong: Salt, toilet paper, empty containers for cosmetic products.
England: goat horns.

- Iran: Salt, oil and gas drilling mud and chemicals, grinding stones, prayer.

- Ireland: File shaped bags, work gloves, dried fruit, silk and cotton robe.

- Spain: Licorice root, medicinal plants, eel, goat hair.

- Switzerland: Acorn, acorn tab.

- Russia: Showcase mannequin, artist supplies, scrap, condoms and a condom machine, sea salt.

- Japan: Frozen shrimp, fabrics, Turkish wine and raki, pie, blue bead, prayer skullcap.

- Kenya: Wall to wall carpet.

- Kyrgyzstan: Animal tallow.

- Kuwait: Velvety prayer rugs, velvet carpets, bath sponge, mirror, car tire.

- Lebanon: Blue beads, imitation jewelery.

- Egypt: Maya, soap, wallpaper, frozen chicken, dairy products, poultry, carpets and rugs.

- Poland: For shoe soles and veal and lamb skin, pig skin, the surgery table.

- Saudi Arabia: Stuffed grape leaves, Turkish food book, a headscarf, prayer rugs.

- Tunisia: Combed wool.

- Ukraine: White mustard seeds

- New Zealand: Coffee roasting machine.

- Greece: The rotary blade, recycling bin, jewelry, carpets, batteries, cosmetics, hair and add products, wedding dress, casket, antiques, Turkish bath supplies.