25 Eylül 2011 Pazar

Strategic Management

Strategic Management, at the entrance of 2000 years of world economic system, political, social and technological reasons outside the control of a rapidly changing environment, into a vortex because of the increasingly has become a thriving area of ​​study. Strategic Analysis, businesses socio-technical environment as a whole is moving and why some firms entering an unexpected development and empowerment process, other problems appear to be a strong that examines the lives and the life.

Original approach to strategic management techniques, high-priority strategic decision-making process. Unlike other strategic decisions in the decision process shall cover long periods, the results of all of the customers who are interested and the business is risky and the company are discussed within the framework of a sector. The main feature of these three can be given as follows.

1. Rarity: a long-term strategic decisions and is given a period until the new invariants of a strategic decision.

2. Universality: All resources of the organization's strategic decisions and requires the mobilization of all the energy in accordance with the decision.

3. Decisiveness: Strategic decisions will be after them in all decisions and actions determine the type and direction.

Due to the results of these three strategic decisions carry high risks. Organizations so they can monitor a successful strategy, the model should be applied in a Strategic Management Process.

ACTION specialists, outlined the shape of this model, the Strategic Vision and Strategic Analysis of Control, working under the constant activity, Fiction and Action as a process of strategic management techniques, organizations will continue to transfer its training activities.