29 Nisan 2011 Cuma

The World's Best Companies

According to Forbes magazine, the world's largest company, was still the U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase.

Forbes magazine, as well as the market value of revenues, profits and assets based on the ranking prepared by the world's largest company, was the first one again, the U.S. bank JPMorgan Chase. 2000 the company announced the world's largest web site of the magazine "Global2000''survey, the United States the world's largest company with a market capitalization of $ 182.2 billion, while JPMorgan Chase, HSBC is followed by the UK, this company of $ 186.5 billion. General Electric in the United States in second place last year, this year's 216.2 billion dollars, 3 ordinary input list. Last year, Royal Dutch Shell and 8th in the list of HSBC ranked in second place this year, the Dutch Royal Dutch Shell 5 found a place.

Last year, Royal Dutch Shell and 8th in the list of HSBC ranks second place this year, the Dutch Royal Dutch Shell 5. rand. The list during the first 10: 4 American, 2 Chinese, 1 each the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Brazil company exist. Global 2000 list of "536 in total from the United States, Japan 260, China 121, Canada 67 and includes 57 companies from India.

The world's largest top 10 companies, countries and market values ​​are as follows:

CorporationsMarket Value*
1- JPMorgan Chase (United States) 182.2 billion US dollars
2- HSBC (United Kingdom) 186.5 billion US dollars
3- General Electric (United States) 216.2 billion US dollars
4- ExxonMobil (United States) 407.2 billion US dollars
5- Royal Dutch Shell (Netherlands) 212.9 billion US dollars
6- PetroChina (China) 320.8 billion US dollars
7- ICBC (China) 239.5 billion US dollars
8- Berkshire Hathaway (United States) 211 billion US dollars
8-  Petrobras (Brazil) 238.8 billion US dollars
10- Citigroup (United States) 132.8 billion US dollars

* This is not only the market value of the rankings, revenue, profits and assets were taken into account.

In the list Turkish Corporations

Forbes Magazine released the "Global 2000" list in 12 Turkish companies have been. Garanti Bank has a market capitalization of $ 20.1 billion, listed 324 ranked. Garanti Bank was 274 list last year.

Turkey İş Bank was followed the market value of $ 14.2 billion 329 place to the Garanti Bank.

Koç Holding, a market capitalization of $ 10.8 billion in the 343 list during. Last year  Koc Holding was ranking 321.

Last year, Dogan Holdingwas 1872 list but in this year it was found.
Ford Automotive Industry, 1946. ordinary input list.

Turkish Airlines was 1507 to the list last year. This year, Turkish Airlines has entered the ordinary 1896.

CorporationsMarket Value*
324- Garanti Bank20.1 billion US dollars
329- Turkey İş Bank14.2 billion US dollars
343- Koç Holdings10.8 billion US dollars
367- Akbank19.8 billion US dollars
459- Sabancı Holding9.7 billion US dollars
630- Halkbank9.8 billion US dollars
674- Türk Telekom5.2 billion US dollars
753- Vakıfbank 6,1 billion US dollars
770- Turkcell12,4 billion US dollars
1222- Enka7,7 billion US dollars
1896- Turkish Airlines2.9 billion US dollars
1946- Ford Automotive Industry 3 billion US dollars

*Note: The ranking of the journal, as well as the market value of the revenues, profits and assets also included.

17 Nisan 2011 Pazar

All aspects of call centers in Turkey

Last 5 years, 200 million Turkish Lira were invested in the call centers. The popular province is eastern Turkey.

Economic size of the  1.4 billion TL reaching and the last 5 years, 20 million were invested in the call centers and the company investment led to the east. On the 35 thousand calls table 40 thousand persons work in the call center sector. Employment will grow 85 thousand and this sector will increase 16 percent in 2015. 1250 Turkish Lira is average salaries in the call centers.

The sizable investment in the east of Turkey

Call Center sector is developing . Anatolia cities investment are increasing day to day. Malatya, Sivas, Bitlis, Erzurum, Erzincan Bingöl and Diyarbakır as well as the eastern provinces, such as Gümüşhane, Afyon, Kayseri, Düzce, Antalya and Eskişehir important to investors in a call center. But Erzincan has got huge percentage. 1053 people are employed in Erzincan. Assistt Guidance has invested $ 10 million.

3 Center Establishment in Erzurum

Anatolian city of Erzurum most investment city. 3 major call center investment in this city. These are: Assistt Guidance, Finance Bank and Global Information.  Total amount of investments of 20 million Turkish Lira. Call centers that employ 1,690 people in salaries over 1,000 Turkish Lira. Bingöl has single call center and it was set up by the Callpex. Established an investment of over 1 million Turkish Lira call center employs 150 people.

Turkey has got 1300 call center

Turkey has 1300 large and medium-sized call center. At the end of 2010 year 35 thousand call center table 40 thousand people employed. Global Bilgi was the highest number of employees with a call center in Turkey.

70 % of Working Women in Call Center

* The mean age of 26 - 28 is among the call center industry professionals.
* 87 % of workers under the age of 30, while 70 percent of all employees are women.
* 60 % of employees graduated from university or college education.
* In this sector 40 % of employees high school graduates.
* This sector, 1 billion calls a year is taking place.
* The average daily per capita is around 70 in the call.

Camera to communicate with the customer and it will be provide significant savings

Microsoft has developed '' Lync'' which a call center staff with the computer can talk one on one with the customer through the camera.  Lync will reduce costs. And computer, telephone and the internet will bring together. With cloud computing costs will fall to become independent of time and place. Interface on the instant messaging, voice and video conferencing and web conferencing, telephone, such as a new solution that allows the integration of different communication tools, access to information easier.

Global Magnitude is $ 340 Billion

* The size of the industry in the world reached $ 340 billion by 2010.
* The sector is expected to reach $ 374 billion in 2013.
* The number of call centers in the world by the end of 2010 reached 124 thousand.
* These call centers provides service desk with a total of 8.8 million calls.
* 11 million people are employed in the sector and it is continues to grow.
* In 2013, 148 thousand will be the number of call center and  of 9.6 million calls table will be reached.

Turkey's 1.2 percent market share

* The countries with the largest share of call centers industry in the world: Europe, Middle East and Africa region is located.  
The distribution sector in the following countries:
* United Kingdom, covers 23 percent of the market.
* Germany, with a share of 13 percent.
* Turkey's share of currently 1.2.
* 42 percent share in North America.
* Asia-Pacific share of 19.7 percent.

Out of İstanbul, İzmir, Ankara Investments

CompanyCityEmploymentAverage Salary(TL)Investment
Assitt GuidanceErzurum6401020$ 3 million
Assitt GuidanceErzincan10531020$ 10 million
Birpa Customer ServiceGümüşhane3761100TL 7 million
CallaktifSamsun751050$ 500 thousand
CallpexBingöl150790TL 1 million
Callus InformationSamsun6861006TL 3 million
CMC CommunicationMalatya10001200$ 5 million
Desmer CommunicationKayseri2501400TL 7 million
Finance BankErzurum3501500TL 11 million
Global InfromationKaraman1001000 - 1500TL 1 million
Global InfromationErzurum7001000 - 1500TL 6 million
Global InfromationDiyarbakır6001000 - 1500TL 10 million
HCN/ UnamicAntalya38650 Euro 250 thousand
Mobilnet TelecommunicationAfyonkarahisar3301100TL 1.5 million
Plus TelecomBitlis3001000TL 2 million
SiemensDüzce750-TL 6 million
Teleperformans - MetisUşak356800$ 1 million
Tempo CommunicationAfyonkarahisar9001000$ 5 million
Vodatech Information TechnologyYalova4501200$ 1.6 million
Win Information CommunicationEskişehir5001000TL 2 million