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Turkey's population is 74.724.269

Address-based population registration system 2011 according to population census results Turkey’s populations increased 1 million 1 thousand 281 person. And last number of population became 74 million 724 thousand 269 person. 67.4 % of population become between of year 15 - 64.
Additionally Turkey’s metropolitan city is Istanbul. Also this city the most crowded place in Turkey. 13 million 624 thousand 240 person reside in this mega city.

Turkey’s population is going to be 75 million. Still per square kilometer 97 people. Turkey’s population 1.35 % increased end of the 2011 and it became 74.724.269. It was 73.722.988 in 2010 and it went up 1 million 1 thousand 281 people. Even thought if we look the population’s gender.b 50.2 % male (37.532.954) and 49.8% female (37.191.315). Turkey has 81 city. And in 2011 56 cities increased if you compare previous year. However 25 cities populations decreased.

17 Million People Live in the Village

Turkey Statistical Institute (Turk Stat), address-based population registration system 2011, population census results: Turkey's per year increase of population is 1.35 percent. On the other hand, Turkey population 76.8% live city and county. This is 57.385.706 number for who live city and county. And 17.338.563 small town, burgh and village.

18.2 % live in Istanbul

According the address based census 18.2 % of the total population live in Istanbul. 13.624.240 live in amazing and crowded city. And Ankara comes second most crowded city in Turkey. Which is capital city of Turkey and population is 4.890.893 with 6.6 percent. In this way, third city about population is Izmir. The number is 3.965.232 with 5.3 percent. Fourth city Bursa with 2.652.126 like so 3.6percent. And 2.8 percent with 2.108.805 Adana. Which is south of the Turkey. Finally the least city is Bayburt. The resident int his city only 76.724.

Turkey's average age is 29.7

Address-based population registration system 2011 according to population census results Turkey’s age average date there are:
- Turkey’s average age is 29.7
- This average is 29.1 for male and 30.3 for female.
- Who live city and county their average age is 29.5 and then who live mall town, burgh and village this number increase 30.5.
67.4 % of the Population Between 15-64 Years

- Between the years of 15-64 who is in working age this population is 50.346.979. And establish total pf the population 67.4 percent.
- Turkey’s population 25.3% id 18.889.575 and between the years of 0-14.
- And last 7.3 % is 5.490.715 and they are upper 65 years old.

Important Figure for Population Movement

- Turkey’s population increased 1.35 % if you compare with 2010.
- 37.532.954 male and 37.191.315 female.
- In 2011, 56 cities population increased when you compare previous year however 25 cities population decreased.
- 18.2 % of total population live in Istanbul.

81 Turkey’s City and its Population

City       /     Population

Adana     2.105.805
Adıyaman     593.931
Afyonkarahisar     698.626
Ağrı     555.479
Amasya     323.079
Ankara     4.890.893
Antalya     2.043.482
Artvin     166.394
Aydın     999.163
Balıkesir     1.154.314
Bilecik     203.849
Bingöl     262.263
Bitlis      336.624
Bolu     276.506
Burdur     250.527
Bursa      2.652.126
Çanakkale     486.445
Çankırı     177.211
Çorum     534.578
Denizli     942.278
Diyarbakır     1.570.943
Edirne     399.316
Elazığ     558.556
Erzincan     215.277
Erzurum     780.847
Eskişehir     781.247
Gaziantep     1.753.596
Giresun     419.498
Gümüşhane     132.374
Hakkari     272.165
Hatay     1.474.223
Isparta     411.245
Mersin     1.667.939
İstanbul     13.624.240
İzmir     3.965.232
Kars      305.755
Kastamonu     359.759
Kayseri     1.255.349
Kırklareli    340.199
Kırşehir     221.015
Kocaeli     1.601.720
Konya     2.038.555
Kütahya     564.264
Malatya     757.930
Manisa     1.340.074
Kahramanmaraş      1.054.210
Mardin     764.033
Muğla     838.324
Muş     414.706
Nevşehir     283.247
Niğde     337.553
Ordu     714.390
Rize     323.012
Sakarya     888.556
Samsun    1.251.729
Siirt     310.468
Sinop     203.027
Sivas     627.056
Tekirdağ      829.873
Tokat     608.299
Trabzon     757.353
Tunceli     85.062
Şanlıurfa     1.716.254
Uşak     339.731
Van     1.022.532
Yozgat     465.696
Zonguldak     612.406
Aksaray    378.823
Bayburt     76.724
Karaman     234.005
Kırıkkale     274.992
Batman 524.499
Şırnak     457.997
Bartın    187.291
Ardahan     107.455
Iğdır     188.857
Yalova     206.535
Karabük     219.728
Kilis     124.452
Osmaniye     485.357
Düzce    342.146

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Turkish Airlines Shall Buy the Czech Airlines

Turkish Airlines are one of the most important corporation from Turkey. And last years their target is upper degree and for this they spend so many effort. Advertisements have started all over the world and they use very famous person. Otherwise customer satisfaction is going to be more quality because they want customer all over the world. And they are doing their job very well and in 5 years Turkish Airlines will be very famous and preferable.

Since 2008, many airline companies to find partners for its own name for the Turkish Airlines, Czech Airlines is interested in has been suggested. Airport in Prague, Czech media reported that THY will help to make Europe a center with an investor who is interested in Czech Arlines.

Emirates Also Want

The report, except for Etihad Airlines, Qatar Airways and Emirates also stated that the company is interested, the deal can be done in the second half of the year were recorded. Over the news yesterday, the Public Disclosure Platform (PDP) makes a statement, TK, "Czech Airlines is currently taken in the direction of the partnership but not a board decision, as explained earlier within the framework of our partnership growth strategy, to seize the opportunities that may occur is open to the public "I look exactly the door showed that it is not closed. With a fleet of 31 aircraft serving Europe, founded in 1923, Czech Airlines, which is one of the oldest airline companies in 48 countries, 135 flies to the point. Prague, the Czech national airline company based in Istanbul-Prague flights is mutual.

Other Airline Company Want Turkish Airlines

The purchase of a single foreign company at the end of 2008, who bought the shares of 49 percent of Bosnia and Herzegovina Airlines THY until now commemorated with many airline company name. In 2008, the Austrian airline company's supervisory board of Austrian Airlines THY, including among them the evaluation of a list of four possible from the receiver.
Founded in 1929, LOT Polish Airlines, Poland's leading airline companies, wants to buy a transtibial amputation. In 2010, the company also based in Spain with Span Air to purchase up to 49 percent where the written interviews. Last Year, Turkish Airlines have started contact for Serbia' national airline.

3rd Airport of Istanbul will have 100 milllion passengers

State Airports Authority (State Airports Authority), the General Manager Orhan Birdal, in Turkey the number of passengers increased by 14.4 per cent in 2011 over the previous year to 118 million 425 thousand, increased by specifying the''total passenger traffic down to shield the first Ataturk Airport, from Antalya Airport, Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport was the third,''he said Birdal, State Airports Authority Social Facilities at a press conference chat, 2011 the year of 2012 by evaluating the given information about the investment plans. State Airports Authority General Manager Orhan Birdal, Istanbul, 3 Turkey is a subject on the agenda of the airport and not done a posting about it directly, but the preparations made ​​by various organizations reported that the front. Birdal, "3rd Istanbul airport will be the beginning of a new airport with a capacity of 100 million. Plan in size, 100 million will begin to grow up to fit into a structure that will allow. Work is being done about it," he said.

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Marketing Effects on Customer Satisfaction

Profit is one of the most important factor for business. If you want profit you should satisfaction customer and you should motivate worker. Okey this sentence all right in definition. But it is in paper if you want apply, it will be different. Be polite and do marketing. Financial Management survive a company because if you don’t calculate incomes and outgoings company is going down. It is main for company. The global world competitive and advertisement are determine the winner.

Two of them are going one word. I am talking about ‘’ Marketing’’. What is marketing?  Accomplish the purpose of the business and customer satisfaction which is the correct flow of goods and services from producers to consumers given the direction that business activity. Sales, distribution, advertising and product differentiation, such as direct, indirect, such as market research activities. This is also definition. Yes theory is important but it is not equal all. It is only cue and start the way. Marketing should be together with customer. Because if customer doesn’t buy your goods finance is calculate how much salary are you going to give workers? How much money spend for product? And how much is company has fixed cost? All of the questions about cost and for company doesn’t want this. General Manger or CEO hate and wind up a company. For these reason keep your customer happy. Price is one of the most important factor but is isn’t equal everything. Customer satisfaction is everything. Because if customer like your product and service your company is going up.

Marketing starts from name. Firstly don’t use worker, employee, personnel, labor etc. Because they should feel we are important and we effect the business. This is our company. Yes we can. But it should be balance. And use cast member, team member, co-worker etc. Because this is direct marketing they can know they don’t have any share on company but looks should be this. You are really important for our company if you go we cannot do very well. Beside don’t be piker about salary or wage which you give. You can spend more many but their performance shall be 2 persons power. But at the same time apply strong rule. They shouldn’t be late and lazy. Firstly employee and after this section customer is coming. Customer? Yes but use marketing they are our guest or you can say visitor. Yes in reality guest doesn’t pay money but this is marketing name. Actually they are our guest but they pay money for our service or goods. But the important point there if they don’t like our service you shouldn’t take money. Or you make difference. When they come your shop you can give gift. Beside you cannot be stingy. Give more because they like it. And they would like to come your shop again.

Making more sales going through the way to win more profitable. There is one thing to consider when trying to increase sales of: Sales of moves to increase the future sales are going to do that is to head off the waste any more sell most of our sales are actually saying.
The way to do loyal customers satisfaction and going through them. Customers shopping at the next they are very satisfied with how it is to you the possibility to choose. For this reason, customers are satisfied with how much you should review constantly.

Measurement of Satisfaction in doing more to rely on perceptual data, and customers have to say you came. Satisfaction factors for each industry sector and continuously and quickly changed the dynamics of perceptions or preconceptions of measurements made ​​is unlikely to be healthy.

How satisfied your customers come to you and saying that the information given in the decision-making to the success of the decisions you will use as a single data source contains a lot of question marks. pleased to tell you how much is because people only one is actually from within the customer groups.

Like them, dissatisfaction about the people who come to you, you cannot explain nothing but the difference in satisfaction issues such as whether or not at all satisfied with the people who have come to tell you that among your customers. This case needs to demonstrate an interest in each specific customer groups.

You need to first determine who your customer is and why you did the shopping. I wonder what it pays attention to your customers when you shop? Is the price, a smiling face, fast service? They may be as many criteria when selecting which is crucial to you and your customers from sector to sector and even the importance of these criteria often differ even between the same two competitors in the industry.

After you find what you give importance to customers while working with you to wonder what we need to get to you how pleased they are on the basis of these criteria. Remember, the most important customers for the features they need to satisfy the highest level.
Finally, customers can use to explain your complaint or satisfaction of all the channels open and hold! Put complaint boxes, your meetings with them, give your phone number, please encourage them to contact you.

Customers' every criticism, suggestions, complaints of a whole new opportunity for you.
Ensure to customer satisfaction, gain loyal customers and ensure their continuity seems to be a very difficult process. To conduct research, evaluate the results of their communication channels open, to improve the existing channels, listen to the customer, etc., etc. .. Indeed, satisfied customer base hard and continuous work is required to have.

However, displaying superhuman efforts, a few important points to note about communicating with your customers is even visibly increase the level of customer satisfaction. In this article we will try to give a few tips that will please your customers.

Make regular contact with your customers

Products to your customers in certain periods, quotes, etc. give information on a subject, the new products announcements, developments in the sector with information about the Offer. In addition, customers' birthdays, anniversaries, such as companies feel more special when you are near them. Newsletters, magazines, publishing your company always try to keep the customer in mind.

Whether they are satisfied with Continuous Track

Research as well as make certain periods, customers receive a product from you to them a few days after the telephone, mail, etc., in a way that reaches their satisfaction with their problems with products and services. In short, your appreciation for them to feel more.

Know Your Customers

Always remember the first purchases after your customers, they do not have to introduce themselves. Customers who feel that your organization's special to you a more open, more generous and more will be relevant.

Thank you to your customer

And will be happy to give them small gifts to your customers and increase their commitment to you.

Be sensitive to the Customer Complaints

Take customer complaints seriously and we feel more customers. Respond to complaints as quickly as possible. If the problem as soon as possible, even nıt solve customers often tell us about it. Customers should take time to understand the problems the solution can meet, but not to give value to them at all.

Beware solution counterparts

Solution partners, your suppliers to your customers that allows you to be as sensitive. Companies engaged in the performance of the job for you, your customers will perceive you as your performance.

For Local Companies

If you are in an area that serves only a company (Etiler a restaurant or a sports club, such as Baghdad Street) existing and potential customers in your area for parties, entertainment, activities, organizations, etc., edit. That allows you to show the people of your area of interest. Only one target customer group, these applications will be valid for the companies. for example, applications should appeal to mothers for mothers serving companies.

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Barack Obama's Most Trusted 5 Leader

U.S. President Barack Obama told his closest friends in the international arena to Fareed Zakaria . Time magazine published an exclusive interview and Zakaria asked him ‘’ Diplomatic stance stiff and remote for this reason you don't have friendly relations with other and many people criticise him. Do you have a friendship with foreign leaders? ‘’

Obama in response to this question ''The best international friends''. Interesting list, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan are also included.

The question is curious

Washington foreign policy community, for years, President Barack Obama is close to the leaders of the world wondered. In this sense, the President personally always wondered who is the person who was the subject of intimacy.

Zakariya asked Obama, "One of the criticisms of you, your style of diplomacy very cool, to be distant. You do not Friendly relations with the leaders "

In response to Obama, He doesn't compare U.S. presidents who served before him but he makes a friends with foreign leaders and  confidence in providing an efficient conduct of diplomacy.

If You Ask Them

Then, he told 5 world leaders Obama feels closest friendship with them. But this friendship is not like a play basketball with them these are for diplomacy and for US welfare.

U.S. President, "I mean, if Merkel, Singh, Lee, Cameron Erdogan, or if you ask, would say to me that a strong confidence and faith. 'We believe he said. We believe it goes the footsteps of his responsibilities. He pays attention to our anxieties and interests' would say, "he said.

Obama, "We make close relationships with well-functioning, and thus were able to overcome a lot of work," he said.

Obama Calls Mostly Erdogan

Leader of India Singh, During Obama's first foreign leader invited to dinner at the White House had the honor of being obtained. Lee, in Washington organized by successfully completing the official visit to the country returned to a free trade agreement.

Obama speaks with Erdogan on phone regularly. Cameron, including the Libyan operation, Obama participates in all international adventures. But when it comes Merkel, leader of Germany between the proximity to the reason for Obama. We couldn't find why they have a good friendship.

Recently, former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev is expected to take the title of the mention. President Obama laughing. After all, when he visited Washington in 2010, they went together burger restaurant. However, mutual hamburger meal, with the added benefits not provided much in terms of development, such as bilateral relations.

Who was Bush's best friend?

When Obama became a president George Bush had a few best friend. One of the best friend was Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

But Bush, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in the "best friend on the world stage and close friend," as described.

Bush, he had many nicknames to world leaders. Canada's former prime minister Jean Chrétien for the "Dino", the Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for "Pootie-Poot" and Australia's former Prime Minister John Howard for "Man of Steel" used to say.

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World Financial Market Analysis - 30th December 2011

Last week of the year low volume all around the world and slowly begun risk. Weeks until the middle of going the markets for low-volume light owe on Wednesday, the balance sheet of the ECB to a record high experienced a sharp fall and negatively interpreted. Yesterday, Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) is quiet and low-volume ongoing from the United States exceed expectations "Pending Home Sales" data portrayed. And ISE-30 treatment sessions last 30 minutes of 0.5% of a loss but later it has increased by 1%. U.S. indices closed with 1 % raise. Because  the unemployment data is good and expectations for 2012. S&P500 becomes 1,263 points slightly smoothed-year performance. Asian stock markets which run on midnight it has influenced by the changing sentiment managed to break downtrend. Shanghai 1.19%, Nikkei 0.67%, while India BSE 0.60% above. Today the newly established Spanish government is going to explain economic austerity policy, German Finance Minister believes; euro zone resolve the crisis. Today there isn't important news from abroad but the most important domestic new is November balance of trade figure is going to telling us.

As news of the domestic company AKBANK General Manager Ziya Akkurt told they are going to open 60-70 branch office and announced plans to hire staff at around 1300-1600. Also in 2012, $ 1 billion, adding that only the capabilities of the energy market oriented placement. Also as expected Akkurt 2012, while waiting for 15% growth in loans, deposits, interest rates may drop said. ISCTR to PDP in a statement, the bank has no authority in Egypt GM on expansion of banking activities. GARAN, Proparco, on condition that the use of energy efficiency project financing of $ 50 million, 12-term loan agreement. Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Chairman Hüseyin Erkan, On January 24, will take place next year, 13-14 Free Trading Platform and more then 30 offered to the public expects. Late in the night last 15 months lowest Euro/Dollar parity, Asian markets could this level of 1,294. Dolar / Turkish Lira parity record-breaing so it is 1.923 and from morning it is 1.915. Commodities sharp fall and then it recover fast. Brent, $ 108.2, Gold $ 1.561 and Silver $ 27.64 are trading.

Markets, the last day of the week throughout the course with a wavy ended the year as they did. European markets were consuming mostly. Spain will increase budget deficits next year as expected actually said. U.S. stock exchanges in the last trading day of the year there is a steady trend. Uncertainties in the markets in 2011. And new year also come suspense. In the U.S. economy is going better although the debt crisis in Europe will be affected, how much responsibility can actually important in solving the crisis in Germany. In 2011 U.S. Exchanges if you compare others markets these are performing quite high for years was one of the rare. Investable level stocks and bonds and the major central banks last week of the year the Fed used a record-level funding. European banks' liquidity needs are increasing, ECB overnight deposits pending more broke a new record yesterday. Market professionals, the Fed increasing the amount of funds actually used in Europe in the form of dollars, there is a need to interpret this. Next year, Europe's debt auctions FED is going to answer for European banks requirement dollars, in january and march, conclusions will be the Europen Union(EU) summits and growth in Asia will take place of interest concern. A stationary part of their day spent sailing ISE-30 index, sales fell hard from the second treatment sessions last half an hour. Day of the index decreased by 1.44% and it closed 61698 points. The most important news for today Center Bank of Turkey intervention in foreign currency. According to market estimates, the bank reached $ 2 billion in foreign exchange sales. Then declined to the levels of exchange rate 1.85 day of the intervention ended at 1.89. Thus the reference exchange rate value to be used in the balance sheets of the last quarter, despite the intervention was ascended, foreign exchange open position as this may reflect damage to companies around. The trade deficit to $ 7.5 billion in November. Increased exchange rate and declining domestic demand, export figures positive impact on the rate of increase slows down the increase in imports. Last week of the year, visible increase indicator so bond ended the day of the level of 11.48%.

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World Market Assessment 29th December 2011

Asian markets also continued to decline in the third day. Policies of central banks in Asian countries seem annoyed by the market players. Decisions will interest rate cuts from the players concerned about weak growth forecasts. In fact in the entire world market professionals were not satisfied with the policy of central banks stress. Environment is quite a record level increases the vulnerability of the ECB balance sheet of the euro. European banks, the ECB overnight deposits displaying a record of interest in the risk appetite is quite reduced. Tension in Iran for now static. Today will be Italy's long-term bond auction. According to analysts, short-term bond auctions may change the long-term status even if the tender for the high demand and if banks take their money from ECB, stock markets can be increase.
Today's CPI figures in Germany and the U.S. unemployment claims also to be followed closely. Almost all analysts agree is entered or a year filled and coming news from Central Bank of the Turkish Republic (CBRT) it demoralize. Yesterday the Central Bank President Erdem Başçı told inflation to 10% on the might, foreign currency contracts as described previously said it will continue. According the Erdem Başçı, Extremely difficult to demonstrate a strong performance against the Dollar in the Turkish Lira(TL). But Turkish Lira(TL) can cope with the weakening Euro. Minister of Finance-Turkey, Mehmet Şimşek said in December could be budget deficit. Explanations aren't be good result for Turkish Econmy. Istanbul Stock Exchange(ISE) closed yesterday with falling. USD / TL, 1.91 's beginning to the sun set over. Over 11% interest.

Negative hard to move and release of yesterday's markets of Asia nowadays pessimistic trend began to decline. Per day which is not a busy agenda from Germany 10 bps lower than expected inflation figure in Europe turn its slightly positive sales trends continued to watch the factor although the domestic market. From U.S. and over the expected weekly un employment data did sellers stronger. At 5 o' clock explained and much better then expected ''U.S. Pending Home Sales'' data effected Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) has been positive. In a very short period of time by over 1% premium spirits markets managed to enter the last day of the year. ISE-30 Index has increased 675 points and it closed with 62,599. Maturity is 1 day remaining VOBIX030-Ara11 1.58% recorded an increase of index warrants are used as the underlying asset rather than that from tomorrow, February-12-term promissory notes to be accepted as a basis VOBIX030 stock. The ECB's recent record-level extend credit to banks and the balance sheet was a record level. Italy is in the sales can be made up to the maximum amount the auction made ​​the long-term debt, interest rates declined according to a previous tender. In addition, loans in euro-zone M3 money supply growth slowed in the observed slowing down. Domestic market is closed at the time DAX 0.80%, The CAC is coming the 1.23% premium. From US datas are satisfactory. These are S&P500 0.81 premium 1.260% , DJ with a 98-point increase in it trades on the level of 12.250. Euro / dollar parity, days in the last 1-year low of 1.2858 level to try and close the day of the level of 1,292. Euro 1.30 's today under the circulating, the Dollar / TL parity at the peak of the history. During the day with a record-breaking U.S. $ 1923, day of 1916 from closed. Commodities is going down hardly and oil the lowest level of the week lastly the gold and silver also continued to decrease. Brent, $ 107.2, Gold $ 1.537, Silver is $ 26.92 from trades on. Cumhuriyet gold (coin) 3.06% losing value and it is 633 Turkish Lira(TL).