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Obama’s Effect Turkish and US Relations

Barack Obama has selected as a president of USA since 6th of November 2012. It was 45th President election for United States. This is second time for him. The most important point is that he is first black president of United States of America. First election was at 2009 and now he became president again. After this election emerged, political stability became very good for states. I would like to write about how does Turkish and US policy are going better with President Barack Obama today and future? How does President Obama factor effect our relation and affairs? It is start up.
I support that Obama has selected and US – Turkey affairs is going to better and it will affect our country positively. At least he is better than Mitt Romney for our relations. When we look history about Turkey – US relations during Obama we can see the fluctuation. So far so good it is better than other countries relations. When Obama elected for first time, his first overseas visit was in Turkey. It is positive step for our country also we could see that how was the 2009 till 2012 relations. Turkish - American relations determine by other countries developments in many parts of the world, plays an important role in determining the framework for these relations.
Turkey – US relations post election professionals in international relations call '' Model Partnership’’. There are 3 main steps for this partnership article. First one the minister will meet twice a year, a total of 4 on both sides. Second a joint Turkish - American council established the Turkish - American trade volume to work to be increased.  And last fundamental the north of Iraq and the fight against terrorism US would like to support Turkey. Pre 1990 we had politics and military relation with US but later on we have started with economic and trade relationship. Post Obama era our economic relations have been increasing.
Recently years during Obama the most important subject that our main affairs:  Fight against the PKK, Armenian Relations, Middle East Peace Process, European Union, Israel, Pakistan, Iran and the Nuclear Issue, Iraq After America, Cyprus Peace Process and Energy Cooperation. Most of them related with other countries and their problem effect us or we want to help them with US. Other countries determine our relations and meeting with US. Turkey want leader of Middle East and wants Arab Countries support.
Our mission is ‘’ Zero Problem ‘’ for neighbor. Actually we cannot say it we have so many problem right now. But I wish next months we are going to solve problem with cooperation with US who is important power all over the world. Minister of Foreign Affairs Professor Davutoglu wanted zero problems and solve with US support. Turkey wants to be member of European Union. Since 2005 we have begun full membership negotiations. US wants Turkey has a power in Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus. And also US want that in European Union there is Americanist members are going to increase. Because only United Kingdom support United States. We want EU for improve our country economy, commerce and politics. US does not have any vote right and they don't coercion for countries only Obama advice it. Turkey's eventual accession to the EU in the long term if it is a positive development for both Turkey and Europe.  Peace for Middle East. The fundamental countries are Turkey, US, Syria, Iran, Israel and Gaza. Palestinian issue should be solved and Jerusalem problem equitable solution. Instead of direct military interventions in the Middle East policy of the United States to support covert operations and engage in a process of rapprochement with Russia. Our role in Syria important effect and what does Obama think and act. Turkish - American relations, as important as the reducible to the claims of the Armenian genocide. Actually they Armenian call it genocide but it is not true. Armenian did genocide where is the Republic of Azerbaijan in the town of Khojaly in Nagorno-Karabakh. Obama didn’t say genocide even Armenian’s diasporas pressure.
24th of April 2012 it was 97th anniversary and US President Barack Obama told if you want to go on you should not stay with history because more developed country learn from history but they do not debate and do not stay at this point. President called it was ‘’ Meds Yeghern’’(Extreme Hazard)  in 1915 between Turkey and Armenia. Armenia didn’t happy when Obama called it like this. Because they think Obama support them. Also international law does not accept great lie. The other important and problematic issue is Cyprus Peace Process. Obama support which is currently running talks between Greek and Turkish. European and in the past US support Greek about Cyprus. Turkey and Iran had good relations also US and Iran had a high level but it was before the Iranian Revolution. When Khomeini took a chair everything has started change.
The fundamental problem between US and Iran '' Construction of Nuclear Facility '' Focused on Iran to obtain nuclear power. US sees Iran as a major threat to regional. Turkey is the tension between the two states '' Soft Power'' and we want to solutions for security our region, peaceful for world. US - Iran conflict create a variety security issues for Turkey. These are terrorism, mass migration, smuggling, border security and military. And all important security problem for international relations. We support US policy but Iran attacks our state with terrorism. United States of America has 2 important allied in Middle East. One of them is Turkey and second one is Israel. The balance problem that we have problem with Israel. Last days Israel attacked Gaza and we had important role for ceasefire. US support Egypt and Turkey for cooperation peace in the region. US House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee narrowly voted in mass deportations of Armenians "Armenian genocide" bill want to connect the law was adopted. Actually I mentioned before Obama does not accept but he didn’t say Turkey didn’t it. He wants to use balance of power for two states but U.S. House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee have different opinion with President Obama.
Although this development sees Armenian but the House of Representatives have ''Jewish Lobby''.  Turkey-Israel relations were stretched to the Mavi Marmara incident. Turkey's relation with the Jewish lobby is unwell. In the Toronto Turkish Priminister Erdogan   demand for unmanned aerial vehicle and President Obama told: ‘‘Arms sales to Turkey in the following order to get the permission of the Congress are not so easy!'' Obama took up a position against Turkey. Genuinely Israel has a dominated power to United States of America. So when we want against to Israel we should be careful because of their relations. Because Turkey want to together policy with US and do together. I would like to write about energy cooperation. Turkey is an addicted to energy. But our geographical condition we are transformer line Caucasia and Central Asia to Europe. Obama support reduces its dependence on energy and supporting energy diversification. US also support the idea of ​​transporting Turkmen and Iraqi gas to Europe via Turkey. Turkey will transform rich energy resources of the region. And distribute world markets like hub for energy. US against to PKK but they don’t support very well in this point. Only when Bush was president US accepted that PKK is terrorist organization. President Obama guarantees for weapons which Turkey flights for PKK. US will give or rent it. Finally I want mention about economy. After election Fitch, Turkey's credit rating by one notch to issue investment status. It is not related with election but that is very good for credibility. Last years many European Countries credit rate decrease but our rate and our country investment rate increase. Here political stability has an important role.
In addition to this we have stable and raising relation with United States. Plus in the Middle East region we are leader cooperation with US. Barack Obama and Recep Tayyip Erdogan had signed bilateral commercial agreement for two states.
Post election TUSIAD estimate Obama administration will increase direct investment US to Turkey. In addition to export is going to increase to states.
We can believe in change. Yes we can. Turkey and United States of American do it together. I believe President Barack Obama election victory will effect in a good way and improve our country. The new policy of the United States for region where is turkey's neighbors directly affecting the relations between the two countries. The smart point is common based and strong vision and understanding politics necessary. Our region is dynamic so our relations are not direct Turkey - US. Bilateral relations are base two states and our region neighbors. US want Turkey for international actor because our boundaries north, south, east and west are important for geopolitical. And in Middle East region we have role for Obama idea. U.S. is the world's largest global power. Turkey is being a global power and candidate for a regional power in its own region. President Obama respond ''public diplomacy'' and "soft power" based in the university, business leaders and non-governmental organizations. He want understand each other, negotiating and share all together.

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