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Socail Business Plan 

Trend Company(TC) Social Business Plan
''Change for disable handicapped people''

Globalization is effect all over the world. Therefore; people want to wear good brand clothes. Brands determine social status and all individuals want to wear favorable and trend brands. It also affects Turkey so branding has increased in Turkey. Trendyol.com is a private shopping web site which sells fashion textile products up to 90% discount customer. The main goal of Social Business is provide poor people; defective, cheap, clearance, high quality and good brands. On the other hand, we want to provide work opportunity disable people and they can earn money and they are going to feel free in the society. Our district is Sultanbeyli where close trendyol operation center and so many poor people live there. Our shop is going to be in Turgut Reis. Because Trendyol has shop for rent and they want to give donation us. Trendyol com the most sought-after brands and designers, in March 2010, set out the aim of making accessible to everyone. A pioneer in fashion since its inception, with the mission to support designers in this direction a lot of Turkish designer was the first site to offer their products for sale on the Internet. As of the end of 2011 more than 4 million members and more than 1000 young team of 600 people, serving a range trendyol.com brand, founded by a giant Operations Center carries out the shipment of the package every day, tens of thousands.
Social Business Concept
Trend and Trenyol can start social business by establishing a company sell cheap, defective and clearance sale poor people and this shop disable people are going to work there. Leftover pieces of old collections from Trendyol’s can also be sold in the stores and Trendyol could get a from cost of goods sold. Trendyol will donate one shop in Sultanbeyli which we can sell and earn money for it. Finally Trendyol provide the logistics and supply chain. Supplier will 
provide some of the goods.
Management Team
Anıl Sural and Dorukan Tipici, the founder of Trendyol who is Demet Mutlu, will be on the executive board. Marketing manager will be Assit. Prof. Meltem Kıygı Çallı and Finance Manager will be Prof. Suat Teker could be other board members. Emre Aykanat general manager with e- Business and retail background should be employed to run the social business in a sustainable way.
Products/Services Description
Our products are textile and shoes. Textiles are especially t-shirts and sweatshirts. And these are defective, end of series and clearance. All will be cheap and we will buy from trendyol charge. Most of them famous brand and environment friendly. Price will be under market prices.
Social Purpose
Trend has a two role for this our Social Business.First one is Trend supply good quality textile, and shoes for poor people. These goods will be super cheap when you compare original price. It is not for only clothes our customer can find electronic, accessories etc because it is not main point clothes. They should feel good when they buy their demand for life and for feel same with other people. Second main socail purpose is we want participate labor force people with disabilities. Disable people should work if they want because we live equal world. They had same penalties when they were born or during the year with accident but training of people with disabilities in a job they can do the basis of capacity, making them efficient provision of economic and social well-being, it is essential to ensure people with disabilities employed in order to obtain benefit from vocational rehabilitation services.
Social impact can be measured in various ways, such as:
- Number of members of vulnerable groups employed by the Social Business
- Percentage of the handicapped employed by the Social Business
- Average increase in household income in employees
- Number of beneficiaries having received cheap, good quality textile, accessories, bags, cosmetic, electronic, office supplies and shoes.
Trend Social Business Line will proivde defective, cheap, clearance, high quality and good brands. The collection will be positioned in a medium price range and our main work with men clothes,women clothes, baby and child clothes. In addition it shoes. Appliances and cosmetic. Our product range is so large we do it because first reason if poor people live in this society, they would like to use bags, accessories etc. they can feel equal with other people. Second reason about quantity Trend's product which we want to sell in Sultanbeyli these are clearance, defective so we didn't want to focus only one. Our reason a few products can be defective and if we choose large concept we can enlarge our product. We are retailer. The Turkish retail market is continuing its sustainable growth in line with increasing purchasing power per capita and the development of modern and organized retailing. The per capita private consumption of US$7,350 in 2011 is expected to exceed US$10,000 by 2015. Strong economic performance supported by a young population stimulates growth in spending per capita. As a consequence of the strong demand from Turkish consumers, retail investments have been experiencing great momentum in recent years.
Industry and Outlook
Our concept is so different so their is no real competitive for us. We can tell some of the e-business which are web site and they sell from there. But they sell high profit rate and they cannot sell our price because our goods are clerance, defective and out of stock. Genereally wholesaler does our business but they sell like YKM and Boyner. Our advantage is we do not pay any rent for our Shop and our customer who is poor and they live our district where is Sultanbeyli. We can give example some boutique and grocery shop where people buy men clothes, women clothes, baby and child clothes. In addition it accessories, shoes and handbags, household appliances and cosmetic. Second hand shop can be our competitor. But there is a few shop in Sultanbeyli like it. And people want to buy first use. Our product will be first use but second hand price. And quality and high standart produt we want to sell our dear customer.
Black US Polo 121 Shoes
White Sweatshirt with Logo US Polo
Red and White US Polo Sweatshirt

Docker Pants
South Blues T-shirt
MP Trouser Brown

Trend will be locate in Sultanbeyli, İstanbul. Our shop will be given by Trendyol and theywant to donated it for us. Management will be Anil Sural and Dorukan Tipici. Okan University Academic Staff would like to support us. Marketing Asist. Prof. Meltem Kıygı Çallı and Finance Prof. Suat Teker will be help for our project. Disable people are going to work our shop.Trednyol.com will help transportation and logistics issue. Trendyol located in Tuzl and Trend Social Business locate Sultanbeyli. It is close Trendyol’s warehouse. Some of the time wholesaler will help for transfor our shop. Trendyol’s joint ventures company would like to support us.  Our store will be 100 m2 and it will design for disable people who use.
Human Resources
Our manager team will be our founder who is Anıl Sural and Dorukan Tipici. Marketing and Finance department will be help by our academic Asist. Prof Meltem Kıygı Çallı and Prof. Suat Teker. Our shop will be open on Monday till Friday 10.00-20.00. Saturday will be 10.00-22.00 and Sunday will be on 12.00-18.00. We want to start with 3 people. And it will increase during the moths. Because Trend want 2 days off for our worker. We will pay 900 Turkish Lira 3 people and per months it will be 2.700 TL.
Trendyol is the main suppliers for what we sell in Trend Shop. And they will support for the shop. In the second phase, broaden range of suppliers to other garment producers in the wider area. Our location is very good that we can meet and others can support us beause it is close the organized industrial zone. Trendyol is an experimental retailer we are lucky that we work with this brand. We will use single source supplier. Demand Flow manufacturing's emphasis on single-source suppliers should not be confused with the sometimes scary practice (often employed by regulatory agencies) of using sole-source suppliers. Sole-source suppliers are the only ones in the world that make or supply a particular part. If a company wants or needs that part, it must go to those suppliers and meet their terms. In contrast, single-source suppliers are those selected by the manufacturer or customer to be the exclusive supplier for a particular part. This exclusive selection is the decision of the selection team and buyer, and it offers several advantages. The choice of doing business exclusively with one supplier of a particular part differs from a sole-source approach because there are other suppliers willing and able to provide the particular part.
Trend Company(TC) establihed in 2012 and Chief Executive Officer is Anıl Sural. General Manager is Dorukan Tipici. We are going to open shop in Sultanbeyli and we want sell quality brand to customer. We don’t manufacturer it because if we do it could be more expensive Trend will buy defective and clearance products from Trendyol for non profit. We cannot determine price because it would be so many kind. But we can give an example for price policy. US POLO shoes are 100 Turkish Lira in Boyner. Trednyol.com sell it 40 TL. And if it defective or it is clearance we can buy it like 15 TL and we can sell it our Trend Store 20 TL. It is good price when you compare non quality China like Carrefour they sell there 25 TL so Our good good quality brand and it is cheap. Marketing and Finance will be our Prof. Distribution will be done through Trendyol as well as shop-in-shop concepts with selected retail partners

Distribution Channels
Possible distribution channels targeting especially poor citizens could be: Disable association, Employment agencies and social authorities Sultanbeyli Trend Shop Small distribution networks- these could be established in a second phase and supply remote areas, thereby creating additional employment opportunities for poor disable people.
Promotion Strategy
We want do word-of-mouth advertising. It is the most effective an efficient. Some of people will buy something. And they will say other people. It is like chain. Sultanbeyli Municipality and mukhtars will annouce poor people. We can do show card and put up the close district. Social Media is other source that we can useand people can learn us free. We can do web site and Trendyol can helpus about that. Because trendyol company is e-commercial and they know it how to do very well.
Strategic Alliances
Trend will enter into various strategic alliances, amongst others with: - Sultanbeyli Municipality: The Municipality will help foradvertisement and transportation for handicap.
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disability Directorate Sultanbeyli Branch: They will help for find employer and support find customer too.
- Okan University: The University will help for micro Credit and academic support for management issue.
- Sultanbeyli Lisesi: Teacher will help and they can tell student and their family.
- Sultanbeyli Gazetesi: Press will be for announcement and advertisement.

Swot Analysis
Trend Company Strong point is price. Because we will buy clearance and defective product with social purpose so Trendyol.com will give us for charge and we can sell it eas.
Our Weakness point is we cannot sale wide range of products beause we do not have warehouse.
Opportunity is we can sell in Sultanbeyli because here and this place is far from outlet and they cannot find these quality goods at this price. And in the future we can buy warehouse or municipality can donate and we can enlarge our business.
Weakness is difficult to say. But we cannot open second shop Because they have enough clothes for only one shop. It is difficult to find clearance clothes.

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