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Why women cannot act in business life as well as men?

Women's work and earn money these are the first step of freedom. We live in global times and everybody can contribute to economy. Women are important for business life. Today, almost half of the world's population (49.7%) is women.[1] Women's participation in economic life with the beneficial effect of social economic development is not directly proportional. Women's participation in working life, education, work experience, a desire to succeed, work determination etc assess by looking at issues in society, as individuals, are useful in the event of the independent status of the family. Our very important here who is Mustafa Kemal Atatürk have significant sentence for women: "I must believe at this, everything we see in this world is the work of a woman." This sentence explains everything because I am writing about women can be business life and their ability manages it. But Atatürk’s sentence proof that women can do all. European Union regulations and practices within the scope of the process, the women's movement in Turkey made ​​a significant contribution in terms of reaching a better position. There are some reasons for why ladies are being secondary position. I want to write 4 fundamental reasons. First one is culture-based discrimination in the male-dominated society. Second one is women less benefit from educational opportunities. Actually we cannot talk about it big city like İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir etc. We can say east of the Turkey such as eastern anatolia region and southeastern anatolia region. Because Turkey is mosaic if you start Edirne and go to Hakkari you can see big difference and people behavior. Recently years various campaigns have started for promote education and consciousness-raising for uneducated family. Third one is Physiological differences in men as of women. Forth and last one is causes of defects and errors, such as legal regulations.
Women's participation is working life, education, work experience, a desire to succeed, perseverance, etc. assess by looking at issues in society, as individuals, are useful in the event of the independent status of the family. Discrimination against is women in a male-dominated social structure as a dominant ideology. Women are stacked in some sectors. There are a lot of women in the service sector or industry sector, textile; food is more than female employees as well as some branches. A similar agglomeration in the workplace has been the same. Next sections are the concentration of women in jobs that require less skill routine, repetitive, and provide at least a minimum of satisfaction that work is used in the initiative.  Women workers are more vulnerable than men in advancement and career opportunities.
Decision-makers, managers, regulators and doing jobs that require a lot of responsibility, implementing decisions, managed, fulfilling orders and tasks of position. Even if women are concentrated in professions men occupy government positions. Women's labor force participation is an important index when you consider sustainable development although it is labor force participation rate is low, show a decline over the years. In spite of the egalitarian laws, women's qualitative development and the mechanisms needed to enter the labor market is one of the main reasons for this decline in Turkey as well as one of the main problems of women's employment remains.[2]
The labor force participation rate of women in 1990 is around 34.1% to in 2002 it is 26.9% in 2004 percent is 25.4 and for the year 2010 was determined as 27.6%. According to 2010 figures, according to the city (23.7%) in rural areas, more women participate in the labor force (36.3%) may seem like the countryside 84 % of 100 women in the agricultural sector and 79% of them they are working as unpaid family workers without any charge.[3] In addition, intense rural-urban migration in Turkey living in the village to the city when it comes to women in the labor force in the professional knowledge-skills due to lack of adequate training and the labor market. Workforce is often a housewife. 100 women participating in the labor force 61.5 to participate in the labor force as the cause of "housewife" shows them.[4] This phenomenon reduces the labor force participation of women in both rural and urban. Women who have to work due to lack of income, social security, low-status-income jobs have to work.
 For the development of gender equality in the workplace for women and men the same provide career opportunities, improvement of working conditions, equal provide equal pay for work of equal conditions in social security and social gender discrimination should be avoided.
Gender equality and enables companies are increase to the rate of profit and performances. It has been taken into consideration the needs of shares employees (male or female) are more efficient and more productive work. Some of the industries and occupations in the arrest of a more balanced male-female ratio are observed created a better working environment.
In Turkey has 21 million labor force and these 9 million are women. [5] Women do not have equal status of women and men in the labor market or reinforcing stereotypes that men tend to ignore the real capabilities. This situation is not desirable for the development of gender equality.
Why should women managers?
Women are struggling for a job and they are more careful than men.
Women are capable of better training of the necessary personnel. Women are advanced didactic aspect.
Women are more comfortable in new situations and keep up with the changes
Women are enthusiasm and encouragement their employee to their job.
Women are more open to new ideas. In addition, the success of women in business opens success to creativity.
Women in business successfully use observation skills.
Women's success in communicating with employees have a positive impact is a better manager.
Woman's success in problem solving, as an administrator makes men more successful.
As well as private lives of women are in business with a clear strategy.
Women are better than men at work can be playful and fun.
The secret to success is the right career path and manage a very detailed way. Connect the network correctly. Women learn a lot from this point early. Women, data connections are emotional. Men will contribute to the success of their own people, adding to the list. Find the right mind will support you in your career professors. Undertake work that is right for you. Last but definitely home-family life, your children properly manage.
We know the differences give rise to well-managed better business results. Female members of the management boards of companies creating successful diversity, more independent, more innovative, more and more high-performance enterprise's feels at home. It was said by a Compabiano who is Catalyst's President of information and which is an organization that focuses on the advancement of women in business. 500 world's largest companies only 15 of them have a female CEO. 485 big companies have male administration. So women CEOs rate of 3 per cent over the world when we returned to Turkey, this rate is much lower. There is a comprehensive research, but experts say that the level of 1 to 1.5 percent of women CEOs.
However, this table "top management" as a broader framework for the analysis in favor of Turkey's going on. It is estimated that more striking figures.[6]
World Economic Forum's "Corporate Gender Gate" (Business World Global Gender Inequality) According to the report, Turkey proportion of women in top management ranks second after Finland's level and in Turkey percent of 12 %. In Finland is 13 %. The ratio of female senior managers in companies is higher than holdings. More pronounced dominance of female managers in corporate and global companies in particular. Rate of senior women managers, Turkey is gaining intensity in the range of 15-30 %. Number of women managers in Turkey increased by 6 percent last year, accounting for 31 percent of the managers formed part of the women. Turkey is compared to the European Union (EU) countries also worse. At the level of the EU's 24 percent female managers.[7]
The World Bank (WB) is an international website; "more women in the Turkish establishments" published an article titled. 12 percent of all CEOs in Turkey, one-fourth of the total workforce are women, only the article, "Turkey is the 16th largest economy in the world, but only a quarter of women working outside the home," the statement said. Only 24 % are of Turkish women working. This low rate of Turkish society, the economy is affecting everything from family life. Turkey is the world's 16th largest economy only one-quarter of women working outside the home. The majority of these also have low-paid jobs such as farm work and textiles. Culture of poverty due to the low rate of life until the Turks, but also affect the life.[8]
Turkey is close to closing the gap between boys and girls in primary education, higher levels of education also increased the possibility of working women, indicating continued: "The numbers support this. Primary education, 70 percent of the men and women in the labor force is only 22 percent. The figure rises to 71 per cent of university-educated women dramatically. However, the family and the culture face stiff resistance. Accessible child care (nursery, etc.) and the absence of family support, many women remain outside the labor force. Immediately after the occurrence of high employment rates for women in the university get married and have a child after the fall.[9]
India, Germany and Japan, the employment of women managers in countries that share the last three places. There is big difference between Japan and other Far East countries. With 39 per cent in some Far Eastern countries such as Thailand and the Philippines ranks in the top of the list, while almost no women in management does not want Japan to 5 percent. According to the ruling rate of women managers in Japan, 2011 shows a decrease of 3 percentage points.[10]
Women in Turkey are part of most financial management, sales, human resources and marketing Managers take part in missions. Companies participating in the survey in Turkey, with more than 34 per cent of female executives finance departments are working titles, such as chief executive or finance director. Then the director of sales units with 21 percent, 16 percent and 14 percent with the human resources department and the marketing department are manager. 9 per cent of those who served as Chairman of the Board of Directors.
Women can do because when you look history we could see the difficulties for every women all the country. Some of them they could get their promotion, some of them they could not get same salary with men and some of them were fired from job and it was only reason they are women. People cannot choose their gender so when you do something you should judge people their ability, access and own capacity. Gender cannot be problem and we cannot say anything against it. See the positive way that in Turkey and all over the world successful business women and their achievement.

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