27 Şubat 2011 Pazar

The most powerful 30 business people in Turkey

These people managing millions of dollars in turnover and they give thousands of jobs. They have a very large share of exports of Turkey. Arbiter in the business world and directing the masses.Some of them directing company, some of them directing  non-governmental organization. But the common features , greatest strengths of Turkish business world.

1. RAHMİ KOÇ                                  * Turnover : 44,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Honorary President                                    * 71 thousand 221 employees
  Koç Company*                                         * 111 companies

   52 th anniversary in business life. Rahmi Koç handed over the chairman to Mustafa Koç (his son) nevertheless he protect his power.This company has got strong turnover number in addition it has got high employment rate. Rahmi Koç directs the largest group in Turkey.

2. MUSTAFA KOÇ                            * Turnover : 44,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                   * 71 thousand 221 employees
  Koç Company*                                         * 111 companies

Mustafa Koç, head of Turkey's largest group. In the period of this group, the largest acquisition and merger history lived. The difference between competitors has thoroughly.

3. GÜLER SABACI                           * Turnover :  18,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                   * 55 thousand 200 employees
  Sabancı Company*                                    * 73 companies

Holding company, under her leadership the past year, increasing operating profit by 45 percent to 3 billion 467 million Turkish Lira has reached. ‘’Financial Times’’, itself the world's most powerful 5. the woman has chosen.

4. DURMUŞ YILMAZ                      
Republic of Turkey, Central Bank


Durmuş Yılmaz  manages a performance in the money markets above the expectations.Economic balances attached to him and the business community is followed  to him.

5. AYDIN DOĞAN                            * Turnover : 10,3 billion Turkish Lira
 Honorary Chairman and Member               * 25 thousand employees
 Doğan Company*                                      * 225 companies

Aydın Doğan handed over the chairman to Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ (his daughter). Nevertheless he protect his power in company and in business.

6. MURAT ÜLKER                           * Turnover : 8,8 billion : Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                   * 22 thousand 500 employees
  Yıldız Company*                                       * 68 companies

Ülker, first regionally and then directs the vision to become a global player.‘’Godiva'’ has announced the name of the international market by buying.

7. ÜMİT BOYNER                            * 600 members
   President                                                 * 2 thousand 500 companies
  Turkish Industry and Business Association*                                       

Turkish Industry and Business Association is representing the business community. And Ümit Boyner continues to chair. She, also a board member of Boyner's company. This company has got 1.2 of turnover.   

8. MEHMET EMİN                     * 36 thousand 150 employees
* 140 companies
    Çukurova Company*                                         

Industry, construction, communications, media and energy is one of the most influential names. Also, He has got 2 billion 900 million dollars personal fortune. He is very strong.

9. AHMET ÇALIK                            * Turnover : 2,3 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                  * 20 thousand employees
  Çalık Company*                                       * 70 companies

Auctions won by the last 5 years . It has grown his company. His compayn bought ‘’Sabah’’ newspaper and A Television. This step is the most important for rising. He is a very ambitious player in the energy sector.

                        * 1.300 business   
President                                                     * 365 Chambers and Commodity Exchanges
The Union of Chambers and
Commodity Exchanges of Turkey*                                         

Rıfac Hisarcıklıoğlu continues to head the largest non-governmental organization in Turkey.This union expansions in the business world continues to give direction.Ankara is the capital city in Turkey. And The Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges office in Ankara. For this reason this organization contribution is large in Ankara.

11. TURGAY CİNER                       
   Chairman                                                   * 9 thousand 700 employees
  Ciner Company*                                         * 30 companies

Energy, mining, media, commerce, industry and service sectors are available. In recent years this group is increasing energy and media sector efficieny.

12. EROL SABANCI                        * Turnover :  18,8 billion Turkish Lira
Deputy Chairman of                                       * 55 thousand 200 employees
the Board of Directors                                   * 73 companies
Sabancı Company*                                         

Erol Sabancı handed over the chairman to Suzan Sabacı Dinçer (his daughter) nevertheless he protect his power.And he has strong duty to Finance Investment.

13. BÜLENT ECZACIBAŞI           * Turnover : 3,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                    * 9 thousand 300 employees
  Eczacıbaşı Company*                                  * 40 companies
Turkish business world's most established family. Now, Bülent Eczacıbaşı is leader of his family.This family is also effective for the industry, as well as cultural and artistic life.

14. FERİT ŞAHENK                         * Turnover : 7,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                   * 28 thousand employees
  Doğuş Company*                                       * 111 companies

In the service sector, the region is moving with a vision to be the leader. Banking, automotive, construction, and the media have an important event.

15. HÜSNÜ ÖZYEĞİN                      * Turnover : 2,3 billion Turkish Lira
  Chairman                                                     * 10 thousand employees
  Fiba Group of Companies*                          * 81 companies

More than 10 thousand employees in 12 countries with 34 nationalities.$ 18 billion in total assets and shareholders' equity of $ 3 billion. In personal wealth among the richest in the world.

16. AHMET ZORLU                       * Turnover : 7,5 billion Turkish Lira
 Chairman                                                  * 22 thousand 17 employees
 Zorlu Company*                                       * 62 companies

White goods as well as with energy and real estate investment group is trying to grow. Ahmet Zorlu created by the turnover and creating employment in addition he is good entrepreneur. These values gives power to him.

17. TUNCAY ÖZİLHAN                  * Turnover : 7,1 billion Turkish Lira
  Chief executive                                          * 21 thousand 750 employees
  Anadolu Group*                                        * 65 companies

Companies, the market leader in their areas. The most powerful bosses in the business world. Tuncay Özilhan, business men, is the one with the most extensive network.

18. ERSİN ÖZİNCE                          * Assets : 128,9 billion Turkish Lira
  General Manager                                       * 22 thousand 473 employees
  İş Bank*                                                    * 1.093 branch

Ersin Özince is the most powerful name of the banking sector. Also He is chairman of the unity of the banks. In 2009 consolidated net profit was 51 percent increase and it was becoming 2 billion 752 million Turkish Lira.

19. TURGAY DURAK                       * Turnover : 44,8 billion Turkish Lira
  CEO                                                         * 71 thousand 221 employees
  Koç Company*                                         * 111 companies

At the beginning of 2010,Turgay Durak became CEO. Koc Holding's largest establishment of Turkey. CEO determines strategic and important decisions. He have got many important responsibility.

20. COŞKUN ULUSOY                    * Turnover : 19,1 billion Turkish Lira
  General Manager                                        * 28 thousand 506 employees
  Oyak Company*                                        * 59 companies

Oyak company's history has made the biggest shots of his administration and Coşkun Ulusoy is dramatically increase the brand quality. Today, Oyak has got huge turnover and this company is  the second largest group in Turkey.

    YALÇINDAĞ                              * Turnover : 10,3 billion Turkish Lira
     Chairman                                              * 25 thousand employees
     Doğan Company*                                 * 225 companies

Arzuhan Doğan Yalçındağ was president of Turkish Industry and Business Association. Now, She is head of the Doğan Company. Investment decisions in line with the first of her group is taking place.

22. ŞARIK TARA                                * Turnover : 7,8 billion Turkish Lira
  Honorary President                                    * 26 thousand 232 employees
  Enka Company*                                         * 82 companies

Enka reached 813.1 million net profit last year. This company is pioneer of construction sector. In addition Şarık Tara has got $ 2.6 billion fortune. Furthermore, Enka  has a large international network.

     DİNÇER                                    * Assets : 102,8 billion Turkish Lira
       Chairman                                         * 14 thousand 714 employees
       Akbank*                                         * 878 branch

Akbank of Turkey's most valuable company it manages with 20 billion dollars worth. In 2009 net profit was 60 percent increase and it was being 2.7 billion Turkish Lira.

24. ZAFER KURTUL                        * Turnover :  18,8 billion Turkish Lira
  CEO                                                         * 55 thousand 200 employees
  Sabancı Company*                                    * 73 companies

Zafer Kurtul worked in Akbank. In the Akbank he had many success and then he appointed CEO of Sabancı Company . Now, He manage the 11,8 billion Turkish Lira.

25. SÜREYYA CİLİV                        * Turnover : 8,9 billion Turkish Lira
  General Manager                                       * 11 thousand employees
  Turkcell*                                                  * 8 companies

GSM market leader Turkcell's strategy gives direction in Turkey Market. The most competitive sector in recent years.Turkcell sets the rules of the game.

26. ERGUN ÖZEN                          * Assets : 116,3 billion Turkish Lira
  General Manager                                    * 17 thousand employees
  Garanti Bank*                                        * 792 branch

Garanti Bank provides sample applications to put. Ergun Özen determines the intelligent idea. Rising with each passing year, in 2009 the bank was increase the equity 40 percent and it was becoming 13.7 billion Turkish Lira.

27. TAYFUN BAYAZIT                * Assets : 71,7 billion Turkish Lira
  General Manager                                    * 16 thousand 749 employees
  Yapı Kredi Bank*                                   * 838 branch

Tayfun Bayazıt has developed the bank. In 2009 net profit was 23 percent increase and it was becoming 1 billion 553 million Turkish Lira. Yapı Kredi Bank’s loans became 40 billion Turkish Lira.

28. HAMDİ AKIN                           * Turnover : 1 billion Turkish Lira
 Chairman                                                 * 35 thousand employees
 Akfen Company*                                     * 11 companies
A company is rising in recent years. The group's expansion is increasing and the company more focused on infrastructure sectors. Akfen Company aims long-term income-oriented. Hamdi Akınd makes a strong entrepreneurial characteristics.

29. ETHEM SANCAK                  * Turnover : 5,8 billion Turkish Lira
 Chairman                                                 * 11 thousand 644 employees
 Hedef Alliance Group*                             * 12 companies
Group develop considerably in recent years. Particularly in the health sector has established strong partnerships with local and foreign. This strategy is increasing this company.

30.ÖMER DİÇKÖK                    * Turnover : 3,3 billion Turkish Lira
 Chairman                                               * 3 thousand 887 employees
Akkök Group of Companies*                  * 42 companies
With the recent period, energy sector is developing this group. That the strength of the business world as well as Ömer Dinçkök has a large network.